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Enlisted is a squad-based combat game that offers the player the chance to participate in historical battles of World War II. The game is developed using the Dagor Engine 3, the same engine that is used by War Thunder. This creates a realistic atmosphere and a lot of visual details that make it look authentic and natural.

When you play Enlisted on PC or consoles it offers various game modes that can be played in Solo or Co-op. 

  • The Solo mode allows you to play with a team of AI soldiers or to play with other players and it is based on a classic deathmatch or team deathmatch.
  • The Co-op mode allows you to join a dedicated server in order to play with friends or other players. Note, that Enlisted game is still in beta, so servers can work slowly with some issues sometimes.

As Massive As Real War

The battles are quite massive, and Enlisted game offers the player the ability to switch between various characters and vehicles. Generally, players can control a character directly or they can control several characters at once, while the game selects the AI soldiers for the player. The player can also control a vehicle and its crew, or they can control an aircraft.

Please note: You can download Enlisted game, but it is currently in early access, and the development of the game is still in progress. There are still some issues that need to be fixed, but it certainly has a lot of potential. But it does not ruines whole enjoyment from every match you play.

Honest Reviews

The question of how we can make a better first-person shooter on consoles is an important one to ask and Enlisted is a worthy answer. The game has some rough edges and could use some polish but despite that, it’s really impressive. The experience is intense, bloody and fun and the developers are clearly dedicated to making sure that Enlisted evolves into something great.

One thing is for sure – if you’re a FPS fan, you should keep an eye on Enlisted.

By Mark Tommals

The game’s biggest weakness is also its strongest point. Surprisingly, PC version of Enlisted game is not afraid of presenting a realistic and difficult gameplay experience. You will die many times, sometimes because your team mates are not as good as you would like them to be, sometimes because of your own mistakes, and sometimes because gameplay is simply not forgiving. But ultimately this is what makes this game special. You will feel like a grunt, a nobody, a pawn in the middle of a bigger picture, and this is a feeling that few other games have managed to replicate. When you download Enlisted game and play it first time, you get feelings similar to what I got when first time played Battlefield 1, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Half-Life 2.

Enlisted is a great game, but its biggest enemy at this point is not the enemy AI or even itself, but the fact that it is a military themed game on console.

By Owen Loverend

My opinion is that Enlisted has a lot to offer for fans of the genre. It’s a very tough game, but it is possible to succeed. For every player that dies, there are multiple others who are still alive and fighting. The controls are standard shooter fare, so there won’t be any surprises there.

There is a lot of room for improvement in Enlisted pc game and I’m interested to see where the game goes next.

By Nick Thomson

In common, Enlisted game is a squad based first person shooter that is set during World War II. The game is in early access and it offers a lot of potential. It offers various game modes, and a solo and multiplayer option. It is set during World War II and it offers a realistic atmosphere. It is a squad based first person shooter, and the battles are quite massive. As visuals, Enlisted PC game has a realistic look, and it offers a lot of visual details.